After Attempting Suicide, Muhammad Gashua Finally Meets Maryam Yahaya

INFOMEDIA – A human rights activist Muhammad Lawal Gusau has sued Kannywood’s Maryam Yahya before a Kaduna high court accusing her of indifference over the fate of a young man who attempted suicide for failure to meet her.

The young man, Muhammad Gashua, had gone to Kano from Yobe State in search of the film star but could not get to meet her, FIM, a magazine reporting the Hausa film industry reported.

A video of the young man has been trending on social media in which some people were seen trying to revive Gashua after he had consumed insecticide.

He was eventually treated at a hospital.

Gashua had gone to Ado Gwanja’s studio asking where he can meet Maryam but was told that she was not around.

For her part, Maryam had maintained a steady silence over the matter. Rather, she chose to release pictures from her birthday celebration, which made some to accuse her of indifference to the young man’s fate.

This is what led Muhammad Lawal Gusau to file a case against Maryam at a court in Kaduna on Monday.

Gusau was the same activist who sued singer Ibrahim Ahmad Rufa’i (Deezell) before a court in February this year accusing him of releasing a nude video of Maryam Booth, an allegation he denied.

However, a day after the lawsuit, pictures of Maryam Yahya were released showing her alongside Gashua. Some say Maryam Yahaya probably succumbed to fears over the lawsuit.

Attempt to get Maryam’s response failed.

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