Arising Questions: What is the Fate of Nigeria @60?

By Lukman Abdulmalik

INFOMEDIA – The 1st October of each year is a moment for all citizens to commemorate the national independence day, alongside displaying achievements accomplished for the recognition of the country.

Since before independence, Nigerians has faced a myriads of obstacles struggling in achieving the independence of today. But, who grant the colonizers independence at the first place? The struggle of Nigerian independence which lies on the tussle of our past heroes, is now frailty and in torpid state.

Nigeria @60, where are the manifolds of infrastructural development our politicians promised for decades? Is it the Nigeria to be blame or the Nigerians for continuously electing the failed politicians into office to rule again? The survival of Nigeria depends on the creation and ability of Nigerians; the provision of good leaders depends on the action of the citizens.

As a citizen what impacts have we contributed towards developing the Nation? Are the Nigerian citizens ineffective to build the country or is the Nigeria in the wrong continent?
From the day of independence, the government has failed it’s promises to make a better life for Nigerians, we often  tell ourselves beautiful lies in Nigeria “Oh now the founding fathers are silently sobbing” the promise of stable electricity and social amenities since 1986 is still struggling in 2020.

Do you know some Nigerians have never seen a blink electricity in their respective claimes?  Why? Because the whole Nigerian has been built on groggy substratum.

[email protected] still over 13.9 million youths are unemployed according to the National Bureau of Statistics. Where are the 3 million jobs creation promised, where is the introduction of national gender policy and offer of 35 per cent appointment to women? Where are the payment of allowances to the discharged but unemployed youth corps members for 12 months while in the skills and entrepreneurial development programmme? Where are building of six special centers of excellence to address the needs of special education? Where are the construction of 3,000km of superhighways with service trunks and many more failed promises?

Oh! Has the fate been or being stolen? will Nigeria of yesterday replicate today? Celebrating independence day with agony, when the life of an ordinary Nigerian is still crawling, when the only united ones are the elite but divide the heads of the halves-not.

Every Nigerian, whatever his or her status, religion, must contribute to this crucial task” Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.

“Without the respect for the rule of law permeating our political life in Nigeria would degenerate into a dictatorship with its twin relatives of tyranny and despotism” Nnamdi Azikiwe “Nations enshrine mediocrity as their modus operandi, and create the fertile ground for the rise of tyrants and other base elements of the society, by silently assenting to the dismantling of system of excellence because they do not immediately benefit one specific ethnic, racial, political, or special interest group, is precisely where Nigerian found itself today” Chinua Achebe.

Nigeria @60 when insecurity is bedeviling the nation, both the leaders, citizens and national securities are not safe, killing spree on naked street by terrorist. Nigeria  @60 but racism, tribalism, regionalism, nepotism are till problems yet to be solve since 1960. “thou the amalgamation of 1914” caused it, but still can be repeal.

Can we revive Nigeria? Yes we can, but only when the citizens started to practice participatory political culture and refrain from being parochial and subjective in governance process.
Finally, who is at fault the leaders or the citizens?

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