Bana Bakwai Takes Box Office By Storm

By Musa Khan

INFOMEDIA – The past two to three years saw a lot of path breaking and unconventional movies taking over Kannywood. Leaving behind old cliché movies, the audience accepted new coming of age movies and stories with open arms, hearts and pockets.

From movies breaking records of over 3 Million to 4 Million Naira, the industry has witnessed an immense growth in the box-office competition over the past few years. Especially in the second half of 2018 to 2021 Kannywood has seen the highest grossing movies of all times.

Bana Bakwai became one of the most profitable films of all time, grossing over N 3,615,000 Naira. (Three million,six hundred and fifteen thousand naira). The film was made on a limited budget, with a very highly impressive return on investment (ROI).

Within the span of this two years Kannywood is growing bigger and good things are happening.
In Film making “Money is The King, and Films like Mati A Zazzau which happens to be the all time highest grosser of Kannywood cinema as reported by Kannywood Box office, with accumalated collection of over N 4,841,400( Four million, eight hundred and fourty one thousand, four hundred naira) are doing justice to the notion. Other blockbusters include ‘Bana Bakwai’ itself as the second highest grosser. Hauwa Kulu, which was released in the year 2019 was on the third spot grossing over N 3, 562,000 ( Three million, five hundred and sixty two thousand naira). Karki manta dani stand as the fourth highest grossing film with total collection of N 3,54,0000( Three million, and fifty four thousand naira)

Fati was the fifth highest grossing film in Kannywood, with nett collection of 3, 13,0000( Three million, and thirteen thousand naira). Films like ‘Gwaska Returns’ and ‘Mansoor’ also unleased absolute mayhem at the ticket window. it is not often we hear of a films earning this huge money, genuinely Kannywood is wreaking havoc at the box office space.
Starring star studded actors characters like Nafisa Abdullahi, Lawan Ahmad, Shu’aibu Lawan and others. Bana Bakwai has been receiving a lot of love and appreciation from the audience. Not only fans and moviegoers but film fraternity too is in awe of the film and are showering immense love upon the nostalgic social reality drama.

Bana Bakwai was directed by Ali Nuhu, Ali’s oeuvre was truly remarkable while we knew him as the ‘King of Kannywood’ over the last couple of decades, and last few years as the ‘ Wizkid Director’ who master his own craft was true genius crafting gripping cinema, the setting of his films may be authentically social and romance, and the appeal is often universal.


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