The Federal Government has announced a ban on the lodging of underage girls in hotels across Nigeria, effective June 20, 2024. This was disclosed by the Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, during the graduation and grant ceremony of participants in the ‘Unlock Training Programme’ held in Abuja. The event was organized by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Technical, Vocational, and Entrepreneurship Education, Madam Abiola Arogundade.

Speaking on Saturday, Minister Kennedy-Ohanenye emphasized the government’s commitment to safeguarding the welfare of young girls. “From June 20th, all hotels are prohibited from lodging underage girls. I mean it. No more lodging of underage girls; no more bullying,” she stated firmly. This measure aims to protect minors from exploitation and abuse in hotel environments.

The minister also addressed another critical issue: the rejection of emergency cases by hospitals. She warned that hospitals must not turn away emergency patients that they can handle, underscoring the government’s resolve to ensure better healthcare services. “Any hospital that does that, I will call on all Nigerians to hold them accountable. This fight is not only for one person; it is for all of us,” Kennedy-Ohanenye asserted, urging citizens to use social media to highlight and combat such injustices.

The ceremony saw the presentation of certificates and N500,000 grants to each of the 120 participants who won the best business plan. Madam Abiola Arogundade, the Senior Special Assistant to the President, highlighted the purpose of the ‘Unlock Training Programme’ as a means to enhance participants’ potential for economic development and self-sufficiency.

The event was attended by several dignitaries, including ministers, members of the House of Representatives, and special advisers to the president, reflecting the importance of the initiative in promoting technical, vocational, and entrepreneurial education in Nigeria.

In a related note, Minister Kennedy-Ohanenye referenced a recent incident involving Nigerian girls trafficked to Ghana, promising decisive action. “I hope you saw the video circulating about our girls taken to Ghana. You are going to hear our action on Monday,” she said, indicating the government’s ongoing efforts to tackle human trafficking and protect Nigerian citizens.

Overall, the Federal Government’s new policies on hotel lodging and emergency healthcare are significant steps toward improving the protection and welfare of vulnerable groups in Nigeria.


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