Using the hashtag #NorthernLivesMatter, some Nigerians have taken to Twitter, a microblogging and social networking service, to demand that the government ends terrorism and banditry in the Northern Nigeria.

On Thursday, users of the social media platform pointed out that members of the Boko Haram terrorist group and other armed groups had lately become more brazen in their attacks, causing various communities to live in fear.

Pictures and videos were shared as proof that bandits move freely and have meetings openly without fear of being apprehended.

“As a president, no matter the strings you pull, the feats your administration attained, the projects you did, if you can’t secure the lives and properties of your people and prioritise security, then your administration is a failure,” tweeted Yasir Arafat Jubril (@oil_shaeikh) as he urged President Muhammadu Buhari and statevgovernors to “wake up”.

Abdul Gidado (@AbdulGidadoo) said the lack of concern from the Federal Government about happenings in the North was condemnable and unacceptable. “Every day, people are being killed. We can’t take this anymore! Voting this govt is highly regrettable. Do the needful or resign!” he added.

“Buhari has no excuse to justify his silence on the serial killings of the Northerners; the people that sacrificed all they have to make you the president are now running for their lives,” wrote M.S. Ingawa (@MSIngawa).

“This is a very bad and unacceptable quality of leadership.”

Eighty-one residents of Faduma Kolomdi, a nomadic village north of Maiduguri, were killed on Tuesday during an attack by Boko Haram members. On the same day, 40 lives were lost in Kadisau, a community in Katsina State, during a similar attack.

On Thursday, residents of Yankara, in Faskari Local Government Area, Katsina State, blocked a major highway to protest recent attacks on communities by armed groups.

“It is the people’s right to protest and hundreds have been killed yet the government is talking about COVID-19,” Mahmud Kaduna, one of the drivers delayed during the protest, said.

Another motorist said, “Security is busy collecting bribes at safer places while bandits are killing people. We have lost so many drivers on this road. This is tragic.”


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