Does Education Has  Future In Nigeria?  – Abdulrahman Yunusa

INFOMEDIA – As they said ” Nugeria is giant country of Africa ” which such fallacious statement indicated that, we are the leading figure but ironically we are the ones who are going through the most serious mess and tough situations in the continent. Perhaps, we do have the vast fertile land, couple with abundance natural resources which are more useful to man but the lacking aspect of leadership is what always giving us a strong headache as a country, which if to say we have had used them diligently we would have became the giant since . And this give others like south Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and the rest the chance to patiently work hard as a country to outshine us in all aspect of life.

Historically, prior to this worthless Democratic era, Nigeria was doing excellently in the aspect of education in general where as a results of that, the gigantic and the most famous philosophers of our time were all nurtured in those days where Democracy was no where to be found within the jury of a black giant country Nigeria. But with the great negative impact of democracy even those that doesn’t have a little respect for knowledge they got an avenue through which they become leaders and do the worst to the country by neglecting the most paramount key to societal development which is education in a nutshell.

However, with the great positive impact of history we have came to know the gargantuan positive roll played by those military head of states in terms of education and other societal institutions despite black painting them with dictatorial name and depicting them as evil pictures. But for now time has distinguished us the two, truth would never contradict truth and for that we do believe the ancient underrated leaders and dictators have done more excellent job than the contempoary beast who are thriving within the jury of so called democracy.

Ideally, its truly true, every rational and sensible society prioritize education for the fate of its future upon anything for they vehemently admit with the greatness and excellence in education nothing will be at worst state, meaning development must surely flow through everything nooks and crannies of every aspect in such country.

Honestly speaking, It often sounds so bad to see a country like nigeria bearing the hyperbolical title of giant African county yet neglecting a great galamorous institution like education for that mark nothing against the country rather it vindictively shows the level of incompetency and low mindedness plus shallow thoughts of its leaders because nothing developed in this world of knowledge without the aid this magnificent institution of education.

Sometimes our leaders used to forget this ” Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. ”  Malcolm X. And once Aristotle has said ” The roots of education are bitters, but its fruits are sweets ” sadly majority of our elective leaders don’t know this or they don’t mind to make a thorough scrutiny through such kind of philosophical sayings. And here we are today, living a miserable life.

Moreover, As we all know, education is the light which glitters everything in this gloomy world and gives everything and everybody the pure power to think and act positively and effectively . There is nothing in existence in this big world that had successfully thrived without it impact and nothing will escape it light because its serves as water in human body, without its contribution nothing will run stable.

In addition, inspite of knowing the great grandeur of education to human life and to its surrounded things, our government always exhibit a lackadaisical and don’t care attitude to this ever expanding institution because they didn’t recognize as it something which deserves to be pampered and hold with extra care.

Furthermore, you must be miffed when your realize that the sector it self has been enjoying the leadership of people with great personalities for many years but things never get changed. The likes of Malam Adamu Adamu the present minister of education was once an avid critic of each and every administration that losely held education but with the passage of time here Mr. Critic and all of his bulky recommended articles toward resuscitating the system are. Karma is busy bullying the then master of criticisms through the hand of dirty political appointment. If Malam Adamu Adamu will remain totally mute and the goofs keep escalating in his time, the this enough can tell you Nigeria has sink and the chance we have to make things better is very little.

Sadly, They sent their kids abroad for academic purpose spending millions of dollars for them selfishly which if they invest such amount of money in our domestic learning centers in a very short time we will start competing with the abroad schools for already have the talents. but unfortunately they deliberately mishandled our local schools, they failed to rehabilitate our dilapidated academic infrastructures and they failed to give a warmth care to the revivers of the holy sacred sector in our poor country ( Teachers ).

Annoyingly, our leaders gives no eyes of respect and sympathy to our teachers who happen to be our fathers and the candles who melted their selves to lighten our lives, the university lecturers are also neglected with poor emolument yet get pressurize to teach us with the little they have. Their families are experiencing lots of hardship and are living in a precarious condition while even some of them are madly roaming on our streets in a ragamuffing form when bunch of illiterates politicians and their families are exotically living a colorful life and enjoying the highest care from government at that very moment when driven factors of education are suffering mercilessly.

In spite of that, Imagine this the kind of dead country we are living for many years and yet people are busy wandering in the land of shallowness, hallucinations and fantasy anticipating the nightmer of a great change and development with such poor institution. meanwhile, since 2007 Nigeria as a country is witnessing a worst setback in educational sector and annoyingly the politicians are pouring nothing except hatred and envy against Salvatore’s of humanity ( Teachers )who are always giving a try to save the sinking ship but their colorful and sumptuous actions remain futile.

Had it been our leaders are earnestly working hard toward reviving this golden sector, they could have sacrificed all their belongings for it cause but otherwise is their prayer against it. They prefer to give huge amount of money to some rascals moving in the lane of politics and be disbursing coins upon unnecessary matters like thuggery, prostitution, sorcery and others just to embezzle the huge money they stole from our treasury yet leaving us in darker days of poverty and unnecessary hardship.

Excruciatingly, they mind not to consider Ignorance as the mother of all worldly crime, with the reign of illiteracy within a society all sort of atrocities ignites and thereby no one will find it easy to sleep in peace. I once heard Malala Yousuf Zai ( A pajistani Based Lady who is serving as world child education Advocate ) saying ” If you want to see peace in Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, if you want to end the war, if you want to fight against the war then  Instead of sending guns send books and  ” and she interestingly further by delivering her motivational speech by adding ” Instead of sending tanks send pens, instead of sending soldiers send teachers and instead of sending guns send pens and fight terrorism through education ”  I found this alluring speech so  motivating and very exhilarating. Because she aptly informed the world much about the remedy to their bedeviling global matter which is terrorism.

Verily, It sounds so insipid to be living in a country where it leaders have no little respect for knowledge and knowledge masters. Do you expect any development in such semi dead society where it leaders pays no amount of respect to educational sector as a train upon which all developmental aspects are moving forward through ? Do you expect a hopeless society as this to be productive when the production machinaries are there unorganized and lifeless ? And do you think with such kind of morons who fail to support education as leaders people will enjoy the fragrance of life as it truest form ?

Probably, the perfect answer to the above series questions is automatically capital NEVER. For nothing good will be yielded in a body whre the systems are not working properly for they can’t give a viable solutions to the problems bedeviling so likewise that’s what’s exactly happened when a country failed to glorify and wholeheartedly prioritize educational aspects. Because all other institutions will only be good and work efficiently when this educational institution which serve as a mother work effectively and efficiently.

Truly, their antics and shenanigans against education itself alone must irk and baffle every sound minded Nigerian who has hope and good wishes for his country. Because it will apparently appear in your face that those agent of progress, merchants of terrorism, ambassadors of poverty and above all advocate of backwardness and retrogression doesn’t mind about the future of the poor masses who stayed for a long period beneath a scorching sun and voted them in to the position of power where they are bragging, laudering and syphoning our national treasury for their selfishness.

Notwithstanding, the last but not the least they mind not to ponder upon the future of the country they selfishly robbed because they don’t need it anymore. And had it been they will give it a damn pitiable look there they will find that the wisdomic words of Malala Yousuf Zai are worth studying and worth putting in to consideration where she asserted that ” One pen, one book and one teacher can change the world ” Its indeed, perhaps, true that when we empower teachers with good living and we give a special treatments to students by providing them reading materials to which pen and books are the most paramount among them, we will probably sleep one day and wake up seeing a mind blowing as well as astonishing development in all spheres of life in our country. But the most nauseating part of the scenario is that, those blind folded folks won’t mind to honor our lives for once, not to even talk of bringing something good that will assist us in developing ourselves as a nation.

Finally, don’t you ever think, until they deliberately devastated the educational institution as a mother to all institutions then they  will find an easy way to perpetuate their shenanigans against us and our country in general? Then inspite of me being optimistic all the time, I patiently conclude that with such kind of heartless folks we do have, surrounding our corridors of power I foresee no day our country will develop.

How I wish things will soon be better with our precious educational sector in this country, for we do believe through it we will safely reach our dream land

Abdulrahman Yunusa writes from Bauchi

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of INFOMEDIA


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