UEFA have insisted that the Europa League quarter-final tie between Arsenal and CSKA Moscow would not be moved, amid the ongoing diplomatic crisis between Britain and Russia.

Travelling supporters have already been warned of potential anti-British harassment.

Arsenal is expecting to get between 3,000 and 4,000 tickets for the second leg in Moscow on Thursday, April 12 and there are already fears that fans will be afraid to go.

The Foreign Office have already issued travel advice to supporters, but the club is not running official trips and several regular tour operators have decided not to offer packages.

But UEFA says the two-legged tie would not be moved and would go ahead as planned, because they would not interfere with politics.

“UEFA is a sports organisation whose aim is to promote and develop football, which can benefit and provide enjoyment for large sections of society.

“As a consequence, we are committed to remain politically neutral and will not to get involved in governmental affairs.

“As the case in all our competitions, UEFA has rules regarding safety and security in relation to the organisation of matches and works closely with all clubs and local authorities to ensure all necessary measures are implemented to guarantee safety for all involved,” a spokesperson said.


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