Family Feud: Ruling House Petitions Police, Calls for Impartial Investigation

By Rabiu Musa

INFOMEDIA – The Ewade Ruling family has requested Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Abiodun Alabi to investigate an assistant Director in the Lagos state Ministry of Justice, Mr. Abdulwasiu Musa Adebamowo over alleged embezzlement and mismanagement of funds when he was the head of the family.

In a signed statement by the family’s Counsel, Mr. J.A. Agbo Esq informed the Lagos State Commissioner of Police that Mr. Abdulwasiu Musa Adebamowo whom the family removed for embezzling family funds, imposing strangers on the family and threats to use his office as an assistant Director in the Ministry of justice, Lagos State to jail anyone who dares stand in his way, that there’s a dire need for an urgent intervention of the Police to rescue the situation.

According to the petition, Mr. Abdulwasiu Musa Adebamowo has allegedly sponsored a publication intended to maligned the head of the family, Mr. Julius Lawal Adenuga which prompted an immediate rejoinder and call for impartial investigation.

The written petition further reads;

Our clients have brought to our attention, the content of a viral publication authored at the instance of One Abdulwasiu Musa Adebamowo, a former head of the Ewade family who was removed by majority consensus of the family for his many ignoble acts and embezzlement of family funds where in it is stated that he has submitted a petition to your office calling for the removal of one CSP Gregory Ipekhia, the Divisional Police Officer of Noforija Division.

Our clients, law abiding citizens of Igboye, who go about conducting their lawful business have been the subject of malicious and criminal defamation by the said Abdulwasiu Musa Adebamowo. For context, the real story shall be relayed in this letter.

Our clients, land holding and ruling family members of Igboye Community, Eredo LCDA Epe, Lagos State are historically and culturally known to have the tradition of inclusiveness since time immemorial.

These principles have governed their activities until the said AbdulWasiu Musa Adebamwo forced his way through shenanigans, into headship of the family. As soon as he became head, he introduced a culture of exclusion and highhandedness which he has repeatedly admitted at different fora and in court processes. He sold family lands and kept the proceeds largely to himself and his cronies.

Not done, he refused to hold family meetings and the few he held always ended in fracas. In a dangerous break with the communal standard of unity, he engineered the removal of the Orijeru of Igboye for his selfish reasons, dragging the family name in the mud in the process.

Every attempt to call him to order by well meaning and more elderly members of the family was met with a threat to jail them, thus cowing family members into unwilling submission. Still unsatisfied, Abdulwasiu Musa Adebamowo imposed a stranger on the family as secretary with the connivance of Alhaji M.A Quadri who has turned himself into a lap dog of the said Abdulwasiu Musa Adebamowo. The family having had enough of the nuisance that Abdulwasiu and his cohorts had become, decided to take their fate in their hands and reorganized their affairs. They removed him from headship of the family and appointed Mr. Julius Adenuga Lawal in his stead.

Immediately he was notified of his removal, he sent thugs to attack members of our clients’ family. As law abiding citizens, our clients reported to the Police at Noforija division which has jurisdictional powers over Igboye community.

The police mobilized to the town to restore law and order but were attacked by Abdulwasiu’s thugs. Realizing the potential danger of his failed attempt, he rushed to social media to whip up sentiments against the police by fraudulently making false allegations of connivance. Our clients were arrested and taken to Elemoro Area command where Abdulwasiu Musa had more pliant officers under his influence. One of the family members, Apostle Kayode Adebowale was detained for two days before his release even though he had been the subject of violent attacks and had only acted in self defense to protect his life from the hoodlums sent to attack him by Abdulwaisu Musa Adebamowo. Our clients immediately petitioned the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Alagbon who thereafter issued invitations to the parties concerned. Abdulwasiu Musa refused to honor the invitation having realized that he could not compromise the officers of the force as he is wont to do.

He immediately rushed to the taskforce on land grabbing Lagos state where he has pliant men and alleged falsely that our clients were land grabbers. Upon becoming aware of the false allegations, our clients, without invitation, went before the task force and put paid to the false allegations but the committee had obviously taken sides.

This prompted our clients to report to the Attorney General of Lagos State and they alsoinstituteteed an action against Abdulwasiu Musa Adebamowo to desist from falsely parading himself as the head of family as he is currently doing. The suit is still pending. His section of the Ewade family also instituted an action against him, seeking to call him to account for the family land he sold. Till date, he has refused to file a defence even though he has representation in court. The Awonaike section of Ewade family also instituted a suit against Abidoun Adekoya whom Abdulwasiu has been using for his nefarious actions as family secretary even though a stranger to the family. He too has refused to file a defence nor respond to the suit in spite of having been served.
Instead, Abdul Wasiu mobilized men of the task force to invade family land at Abapawa after threatening openly to wreak havoc on members of our client’s family, a threat that prompted a petition to the inspector general of the police and which is currently being investigated. Our client also reported to the police who arrested the men but released them as soon as they identified themselves. However, the thugs who had mobilized with them to destroy properties on the land were arrested.

No sooner had the police concluded plans to charge them for malicious damage than Abdulwasiu Musa Adebamowo rushed to Area J command, Elemoro to force the hands of the DPO of Noforija division.

The Area Commander directed that the parties return to Noforija the same day and sign an undertaking not to cause mayhem in the community. Our clients happily signed the documents and have abided by the terms ever since. Because it does not favor his wanton greed and penchant for the use of force, Abdulwasiu has been fighting tooth and nail to undermine the work of public officers ever since. While the suit against him is pending, Abdulwasiu Musa filed the same suit seeking the same reliefs sought against him in an attempt to hoodwink unsuspecting members of the public whereas it is all a ruse to lay false allegations against public officers who have only done their jobs.

Abdulwasiu’s grouse with the DPO of Noforija division is that the DPO has consistently refused to be compromised by Abdulwasiu who has a knack for corruption. It is this failure to pervert justice and continue to harass members of our clients’ family that has led to this desperation and false allegations.
We have been informed by our clients that if your good office falls for the current antics, the consequence can only be better imagined. We have our clients’ firm instructions to inform your good office that even if the current DPO of Noforija is removed, which does not affect our clients’ interest in anyway, so long as any officer deployed to Noforija refuses to act by AbdulWasiu Musa’s play book, he will not relent in his shenanigans.

It is based on the above that we call on you, on our clients’ behalf to impartially investigate the complaints on either side and let the law take its course. We shall supply every necessary information both written and recorded to back up this petition as may be required.

We count on your impartiality and good judgment.












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