Fate Worth than Death

By Sulaiman Maijama’a

INFOMEDIA – If Nigerians had been disenchanted by the previous administration of Goodluck Jonathan, because of corruption, insecurity, poverty among other issues, they must now have been depressed and flabbergasted by the current regime of Muhammadu Buhari. Because, of all what they attributed to Jonathan’s failure, worst of them now transpire under the watch of president Buhari. Unless, one is a biassed observant, they must testify to the aforementioned.

Many people who feel offended whenever any constructive criticism is made against the president are either being cadres of conspiracy theory or they are myopic supporters of the president or perhaps they know not qualities of auspicious leadership; they think “HONESTY” is the only relevant and requisite potentiality a leader needs to possess.

I agree entirely that honesty in leadership is key and, there is no doubt President Buhari is among the honest-hearted people Nigeria ever produced. However, leadership is beyond that; honesty per se is ineffective in dealing with barrage of complaints every leadership comes with. Compassion and proactive response to issues that are directly germane to the existence of the poor masses is also a requirement in government business. when the two are combined with honesty, success is assured, alas! Buhari fails to realize that leadership qualities are interlocking; one in isolation can not be effective but, he seems to have only honesty, while neglecting other qualities.

I remember vividly before 2015, Buhari had identified himself with the masses and gave them the impression that when elected president, his policies would be purely in favour of the poor Nigerians. Was it not Muhammadu Buhari that attributed the purported difficulty, due to inflation of essentials Nigerians were going through during the PDP regime, to poor leadership? And was it not him who pledged to bring an overnight change when elected president? Let’s assume people were suffocating during the DPD, how much were Nigerians purchasing back of maize and locally produced rice then and how much are they buying it now? How much was the price of fuel per litre and how much is it now? Was it not Buhari that led a protest when president Jonathan increased fuel price?

How can any unbiased observant in Nigeria who knew the utterances of Buhari before he got into power and now sees the lackadaisical approach of the same Buhari in power tell Nigerians have no moral right to express their disappointment with how things are going out of hand?

I’m not unaware of the notion of some Nigerians who say every difficulty is from God (the Almighty). In order not to give wrong impression, let me hurriedly say i’m a devout Muslim faithful and I know that; in fact, believing this, is one of the pillars of faith in islam. But according to the teaching of our “ulamas”, action or inaction contributes greatly to the success or otherwise. In order words: the Fortune of every nation or individual relies, to a greater extent, upon the action or inaction. Besides, during the PDP regime, had President Buhari and his diehard supporters including myself attributed the perceived difficulty to the will of the Almighty or to the poor leadership of the PDP? If truth is to be told, we all must confess we attributed it to the PDP. Why shall we now attribute every difficulty to the Almighty whole attributing success to Buhari?

We suspected Goodluck Jonathan of about, and even being a mastermind of Boko Haram when Borno State, Adamawa and Yobe were the epicenter of the terrorists, but now, while the Boko Haram is still mementum in the Northeasten States, armed banditry is pervasive and herders-farmer clash claims the lives of innocent people in the Northwestern states. These things despite becoming unbecoming, some cadres of conspiracy theory want Nigerians to keep suppressing their disappointment. Because the president is ours?

Even the corruption that the president is claiming to have been fighting, we all must have been shocked by his top Government officials who have been indulged in money laundering. Recently, the person who has been hunting the looters of public fund for good Five year was also hunted for the same case. This means all the years of fight is wasted for nothing.

I don’t mean we have got fed up; “when there is life, there is hope”. The President is still having three years ahead and Nigerians want to see him renewing his full vigor. We are still optimistic.

Maijama’a, Faculty of Communication, Bayero University, Kano
[email protected]

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of INFOMEDIA


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