I am not surprise when First Lady of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Hajiya Aisha Muhammadu Buhari commented on Hauwa Kulu movie subject matter and even urged Nigerians to watch it in the cinemas when released. And other Northern governor’s wife also joined to advocate. Probably they might have seen the efforts of the makers on how they address one of the critical issues bedeviling the Nigerian society – Child Abuse.

Child sexual abuse is one of the ugliest hidden realities of Nigeria’s dangerously repressed society. There have been multiple reports in Nigeria, from Southern parts to Northern, where many children face some form of sexual abuse, as per a government study, despite the move by government, International and domestic organizations’ move to halt it.

It is not new that this heinous crime thrives under our silence, and many Hausa films have, however, never attempted to talk about it directly. Kannywood, of course, has seldom been the best when it comes to portraying romance, musical and thriller movies. Most don’t address the issue of rampant ableism, objectification, and rape cases.

However to some extent, there are number of Kannywood films which address social issues, and surprisingly, Maishadda Investment come with yet another sensational and highly emotional movie to that talks about child abuse in a dramatic way. Given the breadth and complexity of the trailer, this film completely hit the mark.

Maishadda’s musical extravaganza uses the idioms of Kannywood filmmaking, like reliance on melodrama and emotions, in a very interesting way. It is ostensibly about a family that stands for their daughter’s education and possibly married her off to her lover, but ends with a revelation about how she was raped by another man.

Hauwa Kulu portrays the survivor’s staunch stand to achieve what she believes as her dream – education. Her father and boyfriend stand by her and do everything possible to take action against the abuser. In the movie, there are important indicators of how a family can and should support a survivor, to help them find the strength to move on.

The film’s direct approach to several aspects of child sexual abuse is, in many ways, unprecedented in mainstream Kannywood cinema. From the difficulties children may face in articulating the abuse they have experienced, being barred from accessing the language of sex, sexuality, and violence that would allow them to express it.

The trailer shows that Hauwa Kulu demonstrates the power of being able to say “No” to abuse and unwanted advances, and the sheer courage it takes. Not only does it show how the effects of such abuse can persist lifelong, it also addresses the fact that often, sexual abuse occurs at the hands of close family members or acquaintances.

Indeed, the movie demonstrates that Sexual Abuse of children is a serious, difficult to tackle problem, and an attempt to draw attention to it in a sensitive manner in a medium that can reach millions is more than welcome – it’s necessary.

Its music is quite glaring and melodious. This is expected, having Umar M Shareef on board. All actors performed their best. But I am seeing Hassana Muhammadu as the next Kannywood evergreen star when it comes to acting and performance.

Ali Nuhu, as the director, as usual did well in making sure he brings out the best from the characters. Introducing Lilin Baba as an actor is a good idea, because it will definitely grease his popularity.

Hauwa Kulu is worthy to watch as far what I saw in the trailer. It scores in showing how trauma operates in subtle, long-lasting ways, and how emotional support can provide strength to survivors and help them confront both, their abusers and their trauma.

Story: Mika’ilu Gidigo

Screenplay: Fauziyya D Sulaiman

Producer: Abubakar Bashir Maishadda

Director: Ali Nuhu

Major Cast:
Ali Nuhu
Abba EL-Mustapha
Falalu Dorayi
Hadiza Gabon
Baballe Hayatu
Umar M Shareef
Hassana Muhammadu
Umar Gombe
Lilin Baba

Release Date: 11 August, 2019


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