Hon. Suraj Urges Betara, Wase to Withdraw from Speakership Race, Drums Support for Tajuddeen

The former aspirant, APC Zonal Organizing Secretary, North-west Hon. Suraj Sunusi Abubakar has called on Hon. Mukhtar Betara and Rt. Hon. Ahmed Idris Wase to as a matter of justice and fairness withdraw from 10th assembly speakership race.

He said “It’s crystal clear from the tentative zoning arrangements of the APC right from the APC National Convention , that the speaker will come from northwest”.

“However, the position of the APC leadership raised concerns amongst the Northwestern indigents — being the mighty headquarters of politics and population in Nigeria’s political terrain, hence, that single position would not quench the thirst of the contribution the Northwest rendered to this successful delivery of our great party, APC. But then, we abided by that decision and abstain from further complaints”.

He further noted that “Our message here as concerned and loyal youths of the APC is that, Hon. Mukhtar Betara and Rt Hon Ahmed Idris Wase are not ready to back off from the race despite the fact that the region of Betara produced the elected Vice President, Region Wase produce the National Chairman of APC and SGF, and despite the judicious position of the party that has been decided long before now, and it’s pertinent for Betara and Wase to know that we would not allow their selfish interest to thrive over and above that of the party’s goodwill”.

“We’re most elated that we have an empathetic elected Vice President who understands and supports the position to come from the Northwest as designed by the party”.

Suraj said “he want to use this golden opportunity and call on the attention of Rt hon muktar Betara, Rt hon Ahmed Idris Wase and the persons behind sabotaging the goodwill of our great party to withdraw from opposing the candidacy of Rt. Hon. Tajjuddeen Abbas”.

He opined that “Hon. Abbas Tajjuddeen remains steadfast as the outstanding candidate for the job. The only member with the track records that speak so loud to the hearing and understanding of the deaf person. His track records are equally visible to the seeing and appreciation of a blind man… It’s not an exaggeration, you may go and check for the records. They’re all over the internet domain”.

“In this circumstance, we cannot relax and allow such capricious and imaginative illusions to detriment the good citizens of northwest and Nigeria at large”.

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