Incessant Killings in Northern Nigeria: Causes and Solutions, By Abdulhakam Junaidu Rabiu

INFOMEDIA – It’s no more news that the northern part of the country is battling with insecurity, which is a result of bandits attack in a different state. Despite billions of naira being sunk to thwart insecurity in the country. During this lockdown, many lives have been wasted; the world is battling with one virus which is Covid-19, while the northern part of the country is also squabbling with bandits and armed attacks.

As human blood becomes cheaper than that of an animal’s life. Recently, insecurity and fear have filled the heart of northern residents, because the shedding of blood has dominated the northern part of the country.

During this period of lockdown; hunger is killing people; bandits are terrorizing them in their abode; farmers are being scared of going to their farms coupled with the fact that their money and cows are being snatched by these hoodlums. I now asked myself a question that: are they not human beings like us? Why do they decide to be taking the life of their fellow human being? I now come to the conclusion that these people are beasts under human skin.

In my own opinion, one of the major factors that led to the incessant killings in northern Nigeria is as a result of illiteracy. Some Northern Nigerians are battling with illiteracy as a disease. We are all aware that illiteracy is a disease that every human being must stay away from. Their belief about western education is negative, yet, some of them didn’t go to ‘karatu’ (Arabic School) nor do they acquire any skill which would enable them to face their financial challenges in their future endeavor.

What do you expect these types of people to do in the future? What do you think would be their income? It’s either they turned to beggar or join bandits to kidnap for ransom, kill farmers and steal their property and engage in highway robbery for them to survive.

Furthermore, greediness is one of the reasons for the incessant insecurity in the northern part of the country. Some of them joined this bandit as a result of bad influence from friends and lack of contentment. They want to wear designer; build a house and buy a luxurious car, yet, they don’t have any tangible work. What did you expect them to do to achieve this?

Lack of proper sensitization and awareness to enlighten the youth on the consequences of engaging in this illegal act has also contributed immensely to this incessant killings.

The high rate of unemployment in Nigeria is also one of the factors that caused insecurity in the country. To solve this problem, the government should empower the youth to reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Parents have a vital role to play in enlighten their children and teach them how to live their life in a lawful way and warn them about the consequences of their actions.

Lastly, the religious leaders should be cautioning their followers to stay away from these horrible acts and the people should be well sensitized on the consequences of these cruel acts. This would go a long way to solve the malady facing the northern part of the country.

Abdulhakam Junaidu Rabiu is a 200-Level  student of Industrial Chemistry at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.


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