Jungle justice otherwise known as street justice is a form of extra judicial killing, humiliation or any form of embarrassment suffered by an alleged criminal from hooligans and thugs.
This form of street justice occurs where a dysfunctional and corrupt judiciary system and law enforcement have “lost all credibility like Nigeria.
Nigerian crime have risen to a level of destruction, and to an alarming state.
The Kidnapping and other criminal activities in the country has fallen the mind of every meaningful Nigerian into a state of turmoil and uncertainty of when, where and how one can escape from being victim of the said criminals.
The more risen concern is the fear of intimidation, humiliation, embracement by the thugs when one looks alike with any perceived criminal.

Recently, there was an attack in Abuja, along Kubwa-Gwarimpa express way by thugs which claims the life of the suspected one chance criminals.

A victim who happened to be a lady, was attacked by the gang last Monday. She was said to have been dragged to a car by the hooligans, who tried snatching her phone and other valuables.

The gang were attacked after the lady shouted for help in the car. The crowd nearby came to her rescue, whom after the rescue burnt down the criminals.

The gang were annihilated by the rescuers. Is this a jungle justice or an act that is a solution to curb such menace.


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