Kano Islamic Scholar Calls for Preaching Censorship

INFOMEDIA – A renowned Kano based Islamic scholar Aminu Daurawa has appealed to Northern governors to enact laws that will regulate Islamic and Christian preaching.

Mr Daurawa made the appeal in an interview with BBC Hausa monitored by Kano Focus on Saturday.

He attributed the religious crises being experienced in the region to unguarded utterances of some clerics.

“It is been my opinion for long that we preachers should be screened.

“Is the cleric qualified to preach?

“It is this lack of  screening exercise that causes the religious crises we are experiencing.

“Any cleric who abuses people in his    preaching is a thug,” he said.

Mr Daurawa who is a former Commander General of Kano state Hisbah Board said media organizations should censor the scholars they grant access to their platforms.

He however acknowledged that most scholars do not support his position.

“I have been calling for censoring preaching, but I’ve failed to get the support of my fellow clerics.”

Islam forbids begging

Mr Daurawa said begging is forbidden in Islam.

He explained that Islam permits begging only when a person loses all his belongs due to theft, fire, or similar disasters.

Mr Daurawa however blamed government for allowing begging to persist.

“It is the failure of governors that begging and Qur’anic schools are yet to be transformed.”

“There is serious poverty in rural areas, which forces parents to send their children to cities – therefore sensitization campaign alone will not solve the problem.” He said.

The cleric however faulted the banning of Qur’anic schools despite his advocacy for the eradication of begging.

Wrong to return pupils home

Mr Daurawa said he is against taking Qur’anic pupils back to their states of origin.

“The government’s failure to consult Islamic scholars on how to reform Qur’anic education led Northern Nigeria to this problem.

“It was reported that there are nine million Qur’anic pupils in Northern Nigeria, what is government plan for them?

“How much is being appropriated to them from Nigeria’s allocation? “You see, they get nothing,” he said.

The cleric said the solution is to copy from other Muslim countries who have modernized their Qur’anic schools.

Mr Daurawa therefore emphasized the need for government and citizens to differentiate between begging and Qur’anic education.

I was not diagnosed with COVID-19

The cleric has also commented on his recent sickness which led to his disappearance during the month of Ramadan.

He said it wasn’t COVID-19.“ It is a life routine, to be sick, and also recover.“ I was really sick as I was diagnosed with malaria, typhoid fever and cough,” Mr Daurawa said.

Kano Focus


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