Kiana to the Rescue of Nasarawa State’s PDP Chapter  –  Rabiu Musa

INFOMEDIA – The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Nasarawa State chapter is a glorified fraternity, moving it from mere assemblage of men and women to a robust political opposition party is something that should excites all party faithfuls and those who were genuinely angry with the somersault development and comotose status of the state under the APC’s led-government.

It’s as a result of this moribund state and challenges facing our dear state, we chose to adopt a nuclear option! and install the man with a record of Spartan discipline, incorruptible principles and unquestionable personae to the fault.

As it was rightly established that the primary purpose of party formation is to seize power, all other functions are secondary. What’s political party for if it can’t win elections? This time, we will throw everything including the kitchen sink in rebuilding and fortifying the party through the emplacement of credible leadership with the spirit of great determination that can favourably competes and delivers elections spoils to our members and champion a good governance driven by the general interest of the populace.

To this light, Inferences can be made of any reform movement as to it’s success or failure through the evaluations of it’s leadership. And it is also through this evaluations, that fence sitters and disillusioned voters are attracted to join the fold. Souls-winning is possible only in the absence of in-house rancour and  a clear possible path that will ensure the surfacing of accord, and conformity for every member to attend his or her aspiration.

The nine years of APC led administration in Nasarawa State was characterised by an ‘unsightly mess’, ‘voters’ remorse’ and ‘disillusionment’, yet at every turn of elections, voters were deceived to still vote for the party.

The near absence of credible alternative candidates and weak platforms that can galvanize and scouts for voters were some of the reasons identified by pundits and practitioners. The PDP being the leading opposition political party in the state is neck deep in the practice of eating its members up while forgetting its primary role as a party.

This cannibalism must be stop!

The chance has never been so cleared for the PDP than now that we have a governor who was practically foisted on the state by rent seeking establishment and has thus far demonstrated lack of understanding and capacity to lead the state to the promised land.

The 77 ad-hoc committee inaugurated by the governor since assuming office is a looming disaster, typical to a failed administration and evidence of a government that came into power ill-prepared and was terribly confused as to how to begin running the affairs of the state.

More importantly, the very fact that the affairs of the state is being dictated by a third party sitting somewhere in the nation’s capital is enough reason to send the present government packing. The social contract entered on the 29th of may 2019, is between governor Abdullahi A. Sule and the people and not anything other person. If governance appeared to be too much a task, resignation is an option, sharing a trusted mandate freely given by electorates with a third party is a clear violation of public trust and gross abused of privilege and a criminal breach of contractual terms.

Through collective efforts and sacrifices we can make the party strong, viable, and competitive again. It will begin with those whom we elected into executive positions of the party especially the head who shall steer the movement and gave it a direction and bring it into limelight.

The party needed someone with executive experience, who was tested, trusted and whose track record can speak for him. Someone whose name can cover a battered image and whose reputation rings a bell across the state, one who can command respect and followership, a bridge builder who can reach out to fence sitters and disillusioned voters, someone who can speak for the party and provides leadership for all members irrespective of whatever differences.

More importantly, emplacing a revered politician who will use his vast knowledge garnished with practical experience in changing the party’s narratives to better. The person who will ensure that the narratives about the party is not only good but members impression is equally maintained. An individual with a passion and who over the years demonstrated fanatical commitment to the cause of the party and who has placed less emphasis on how much he get out of the process. Someone who is not a panda -hugger and will never compromise the party for opposition in the alter of ego or any emotional drive.

We are presenting to the party once again  an individual with an intellectual prowess to lead the party to success, Jibril Sabo Keana is a second to none for the position of chairman of our great party. He has the temperament needed for the job especially in trying time of the party’s history. His outreached is the bigger plus.

Kiana has all it takes to bring to the party the vitality and grace needed for the task ahead. Owing to all his reputable qualities as a comsumate politician, who master the art and science of politics, Jibrin Sabo Kiana is the best candidate to be elected as Nasarawa State PDP party chairman in order to retool internal structure, reputation management, party members general well being as well deliver it to success.

Rabiu Musa writes from Bayero University, Kano and can be reached on: [email protected]


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