Legacy Trailer Review: A Topical, Intelligent and Compelling Affair

By Musa Sani Aliyu

INFOMEDIA –  Ameen M Auwal’s new web series “Legacy” takes a dim view of the Nigerian political scene of Extortion Corruption, Intimidation and Godfatherism.

The Northern cinema over the years have produced a plethora of timeless gems, which not only entertained the masses but also awed the critics with their originality, poignance, austerity, and occasional grandeur. Today the Northern cinema has become a mere impression of what it used to be in it’s decorated days.

Legacy, a web series produced by AMAH Media in partnership with Skyline University Nigeria and directed by the ever meticulous and uncanny storyteller Ameen M. Auwal aimed at showcasing the trenchant thwarted destiny and ugly ambition in our modern democracy.

The trailer of the series was released on Sunday 28th February 2021, and received a positive response from the audience.

The film will officially be premiered on 3rd April 2021 on Amah YouTube channel.

The stellar cast of the movie give it a much needed impetus. The acting is commendable with a special mention of Ali Nuhu, Magaji Mijin Yawa, Hauwa Abdullahi, Musa Abdullahi Sufi, Fatima Isa and Mustapha Mijin Yawa.

The cinematography, sound editing and mixing are also up to the mark.
The series is definitely worth a watch!!


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