Muhammad Rili Declares for Kaduna House of Assembly


By Rabiu Musa

INFOMEDIA – Former Chairmanship aspirant, Ikara L.G, Mal. Muhammad Rili on Tuesday declared his intention to vie for the position of member, Kaduna State House of Assembly, representing the Ikara constituency on the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Muhammad Rili made the declaration in Kaduna State in the company of APC stalwarts, friends, family, supporters, and well-wishers

The aspirant stressed that “I took this bold step after a wide-ranging consultation with our people -from political, religious, social, and economic standings. I engaged and listened to the grassroots women and men. Rub minds and gleaned the perspectives of the young and the elders, learners, and intellectuals as well as the unemployed and underemployed. I also sought wisdom from our traditional and religious leaders from across our constituency; and importantly, I weighed in the opinions of my family and friends”.

Rili said “I have been an ardent believer in the progress and development of people as such I always seized any opportunity to promote the same value wherever Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala in His divine mercy offered me one. This life-long desire to develop our community has propelled me to get engaged in different vocations and fora that seek to drive the longings of our dear people positively, and to serve their interest in whatever way possible”

“Having seen the monumental progress that our government at the center, ably led by His Excellency, the pragmatic leader and our dear man of unquestionable performance, Malam Nasir El-Rufai has been able to achieve, it has dawned on me that Ikara must not be left behind, and to do that, we need someone to replicate and build on the achievements of the Kaduna Agenda that His Excellency has shown to us all”.

“Malam Nasir El-Rufai’s achievements in transforming Kaduna to greatness are evident and have shown that nothing is impossible with the right capacity, passion, resources, and zeal”.

He said, “As a loyal party man and our party manifesto, an ardent follower of Malam’s leadership-style, pragmatic legacies, a student of Malam’s developmental objectives in his desire to make Kaduna a heaven of peace and progress, and economic hub of the North and the entire nation, accomplishing these very difficult tasks, and wading through very daunting challenges”.

“Most importantly as someone who has been a part of Malam’s progress from the lowest community level to the level of an administrator in the party headquarters, and at the highest level as a Special Assistant on Social Development, I believe I am the man for this job, and I know that what Kaduna State has become under His Excellency’s pragmatics leadership, Ikara constituency can become with my representation in collaboration with the incoming administration of Sen. Uba Sani by God’s grace”.

The ace politician revealed that many people that are elected in the past to serve Ikara L.G, have only ruled the constituency with nothing to write home about in terms of development.

“These people only come around during election periods with bags of apologies and leave immediately after”.

“Most of them are not only inaccessible after election circles but have failed to stand up to be counted on the floor of the State House matters talk-less of the push for any motion/bill that can directly and positively affect our common good as Ikara constituency”.

He noted with dismay that the Ikaralite
cannot continue to allow this at this age of political freedom and rights, not privileges.

“I, therefore, offer to you change the narrative! I am here to be your servant leader, who has always stayed and will always stay with you, especially in times of need like this!” A true Ikaralite who has listened to you before in small capacities, that will always listen to you and protect your interests in the best possible. I will be your voice at the State level and your partner in the journey of emancipation”.

The statement further read;

“My team and I have worked on a carefully thought-out blueprint in response to the continued yearnings and aspirations of our people for inclusive and effective representation at the Kaduna State House of Assembly thus intending to focus my legislative duties mainly on the following,

“Human Capital development through the development of legislation that allows for leadership capabilities in every sphere of life and businesses, thereby increasing work productivity and allowing productivity functions to be carried out efficiently and effectively within our constituency,

“Finance and economic development through the provision requisite legislation that provides access to valuable financial services to the poor within our constituency,

“Push legislations that enhances liveable communities in the light of increasing population through advocacy for rural-urban infrastructural development,

“Promotion of stakeholder’s consultations and engagement, to give a sense of belonging to everyone within the constituency among others.

These and many more noble drives are highlighted in my manifesto to be engaged for the total transformation of our constituency, Insha Allah.

I, therefore, put myself forward based on the foregoing to serve as your Representative at the Kaduna State House of Assembly in the forthcoming elections in the year 2023.

In the coming days and weeks, I intend to continue my visitations and consultations with as many of you as possible. I want your additional ideas and suggestions, contributions and opinions, prayers, and concerns to shape the thrust of our campaign and eventual success Insha’Allah.

I want to conclude by also appreciating the support of our Party Leaders, Wards elected councilors who were privileged to attend my declaration. Special gratitude to great individuals and groups that have already come forth and those that are on the way. Your kind support in kind and prayers have been greatly invaluable to me. Ikara Peoples Movement (IPM) has come to stay, and I hope you will all join us at this early stage to shape it even further. I believe that if Kaduna can, Ikara can. Let’s do it Together.

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