The French Embassy in Nigeria has volunteered to support two food-aid projects in Borno and Yobe with N300m.

Mr Vanin Georges, Culture and Information Officer of the Embassy, issued a statement saying implementation of the projects are to be carried out in Borno and Yobe, starting in June.

“The French Embassy in Nigeria decided to grant a financial support to the International Committee of the Red Cross and Action Against Hunger for implementing two projects.

“The projects are under the food-aid programme 2016, an instrument of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support actions for food security and recovery of the means of production.”

The embassy said that ICRC would implement the food assistance and support for agricultural production for the civilian population in Adamawa and Borno.

According to it, ACF will implement the emergency food security and livelihood interventions for internally displaced persons and crisis affected population in Yobe.

“By doing so, France intends to contribute actively to the support to vulnerable populations affected by the crisis in the North East by helping them to get access to food and water.

“The ICRC and ACF will respectively receive 500,000 Euros and 350,000 Euros for the projects.

“The Embassy of France is strongly committed to fighting poverty and to assist the victims of humanitarian crisis,” it said.

The Embassy claimed Denys Gauer, the Ambassador of France, had met with Mr Karl Mattli, the head of delegation of ICRC concerning the project.

An agreement had also been signed by Gauer with Mr Yannick Pouchalan, the Country Director of ACF, the Embassy claimed.


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