Netflix is back online after experiencing an outage on Monday that impacted thousands of users across the globe.

More than half of the reports cited issues with the streaming service’s website.

The outage hit around 3pm ET in the United States, along with other countries like China, where it is only available with a VPN, Canada and many in Europe.

However, users were experiencing from slow service to none at all -depending on their location, Dailymail reports.

Although the service is back for a majority of Netflix customers, some users are still experiencing choppy service.

It is not clear what impacted Monday’s outage. Down Detector, a website that monitors online services, showed more than 1,500 issue reports in the US alone at the peak of the outage.

However, about an hour after the reports took a dramatic dip to just a little over 500.

Many customers flocked to Twitter to check if others were having issues with the streaming platform and to share their frustrations of the outage.

However, Netflix’s support site has shown no issues with the service – even though thousands reported issues with it.


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