Nigeria Will Be Great Again Soon – Musa Sufi

INFOMEDIA – Nigeria will revamp back stronger economically, educationally, securely and politically the moment every individual, communities, citizens and every politician and government consider to be patriotic and contribute their quota to building this nation.

The justice system must be functioning, the political position should be like a voluntary office, not a business-like venture, the government must be held accountable to all promises as CSOs and communities play complementary roles to support the government.

By 2023, if we still believe a party is a solution to our current tragedies as the solution, we are far from understanding our problem.

Now is the time for any serious politicians to keep their party or interest aside as the country need everyone to support in making us to greatness.

Visionary, committed and creative leaders who learn to solve many problems is all we need in leading national, states and local governments position.

But, the truth is our governing system is damn expensive, another reason our problem could hardly be solved easily is that the few are getting wealthier to the detriment of the majority.

If you don’t have well-prepared governors, state assembly who knows their job and independent with LGA running without funds, don’t expect much changes, because they are closer to the people.

Our country needs serious financial support for education and teachers, security and securities, creative industries and creators, support to local industries and startups and more.

We all know our major problem in security, health, social issues, corruption, lack of patriotism, white colour job syndrome, sabotage in and outside government, joblessness, poor tapping resources etc.

A simple resettlements scheme can weaken terrorist attacks and other security issues in the land.

Let’s community strengthens, society had their informants and initiatives by philanthropists to reduce poverty and improve health access to the poor.

Imagine, the president collaborates with the office of Minister of Communication and Digital Economy to engage Nigerians virtually on at least a weekly basis, the impact and revelations will help them to do lots of stuffs.

Nigeria is already on the road to greatness soon despite challenges. No nation is free from challenges and will be overcome.

Musa Abdullahi Sufi, a
Patriotic and Optimistic Nigerian writes from Kano.

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