OMG Recent Analysis Conducted by NaijaGist Unveiled that What To Expect When Dating Or Planning To Marry A Nigerian Woman..

Have you heard the saying that “Women are the most complicated beings on earth”? If you have, then you should know that there is some truth in it.

By many standards Nigerian women are
among the best in the world; hence, the
thought of having a date with them or even planning on getting married with one should be enthralling. However, as simple as that thought is, it is the direct opposite of what you’d expect. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t mean that dating a Nigerian woman is hectic, or almost impossible, far from it as you will get to know.

Moreover NaijaGist added that The aim of this article is to serve as a guide to men who seek to go on a date with a Nigerian woman or want to marry one. The objective is that after reading through this post you would have gotten secondhand knowledge about the issue.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

  • Nigerian women prefer confident

If you plan on going on a date with a Nigerian lady more than once, then you need to be confident or exude some confidence at least. Showing your confidence to a woman can be as simple as maintaining eye contact with her when talking with her or by limiting your compliments about her on your date. NOTE: Overly complimenting a lady will not win her to you; rather it does the exact opposite.

  • Understand that women are different.

Like anywhere, women have different desires and expectations of their “Prince Charming”. Moreover, Nigeria is a culturally diverse nation with multiple ethnic groups and tribes. Hence, what works for a particular Nigerian lady may not necessarily work on another, even when they are from the same ethnic groups. Hence, it might do you a whole lot of good to do your due diligence by making some research before choosing your date.

  • Nigerian women see their men as

It doesn’t matter whether the woman is a
working-class lady or not, as far as she is
Nigerian, in most cases, she tends to still
depend on her man. So, if you plan on dating a Nigerian woman, you need to put this at the back of your mind. She will try to find out whether you are employed, or not, so as to ascertain if she should continue the relationship or not. To the Nigerian woman, this is not a sign of weakness; on the contrary, she is prideful in it. When she sees her man as a provider and he acts in that respect, she accords him more respect.

  • She may occasionally ask you for
    money to make her hair.

While Nigerian women used to wear their. kinky hairstyles in the past, times have since changed as they now prefer the Peruvian and Brazilian hairs or braids. It is common for a Nigerian lady to ask her man for money so as to make her hair, so, don’t get surprised when she asks, just give her. Moreover, she is making her hair primarily because of you.

  • Most Nigerian ladies are good cooks.

A good number of women in Nigeria are good at cooking. They have learned the art of getting to a man’s heart through his stomach. It doesn’t the level or class of the lady, inasmuch as she is Nigerian, there is a high chance that she knows how to prepare your favorite meal. However, there is bound to be a bad egg in every egg crate – at least in most cases; there is a chance that you might also come in contact with a Nigerian lady that lacks culinary skills.

  • Most Nigerian women are faithful.

While it is common for most Nigerian men to think that life is not meant to be
monogamous, the opposite seems to be the case with the women. Nigerian women are known for their faithfulness; it is not unusual for a Nigerian lady to snub you when accosted if she is already in a relationship. The reason for this faithfulness is not far fetched: Nigerian women have been brought up to have a high standard of morality that makes them cling to their man even when they are clearly not married.

  • Nigerian women make good wives.

This is not an exaggeration; most men who are married to Nigerian women can attest to this fact. Besides being faithful to their partners even before marriage, they do more when they finally get married. The culture and society have imprinted it into the minds of the Nigerian woman that obedience and submission to their husband are essential for a good home. This is not to say that there are no defaulters; no, instead what I’m trying to point out is the fact that a good number of them keep their homes in order and give their husbands their respect and loyalty.

  • They want their men to also respect
    and cherish them.

As much as a Nigerian lady respects and
takes care of her man, she equally desires the same from her man. The first step in winning the heart of your lady is by showing her that you also respect and love her. If you go on a first date with your Nigerian woman, make sure that you come along with some little gift to appreciate her.

  • Feminism is not the view of a typical
    Nigerian woman.

While women overseas may be Pro-Feminists or advocates of the movement, an average Nigerian woman does not disturb herself with that. So, if you go on a date, don’t expect your Nigerian woman to pick the tab.

  • They prefer to marry from their tribe.

Most Nigerian women tend to marry men who are from their ethnic groups. So, if you are an outsider, chances are that you may not get a yes from her when you pop the marriage question. It even becomes more improbable when you are not a Nigerian; this is not to say that they cannot date yout hough.

  • Most Nigerian women are highly

The Nigerian nation is divided into two parts: Christian-dominated Southerners and Muslim- dominated Northerners. The average Nigerian is a religious being, as he’ll certainly belong to either of the two major religions in the country. This religiosity transcends even to the females (they might even be more religious). While the Muslim women may have restrictions in their dealings with men,the Christians are more open-minded. A Christian lady may date and eventually marry a man regardless of his religious beliefs, but a Muslim woman will most likely marry only a fellow Muslim. Nevertheless, some of the
Christian ladies can be non-conforming to secular dating.

  • If she likes you she can ask you to
    worship with her.

When dating a Nigerian lady, don’t be
surprised when she asks you to visit her
church. This is a great opportunity for you to know her better. You should not decline this offer as it will help to further solidify your relationship.

  • She doesn’t like uninvited visitors.

Nigerian women are smart and shrewd in their dealings with men. They don’t like it when a man visits her home without her having to invite the man first. Instead of visiting her when she hasn’t asked you to, you should be patient and wait for her invite.

  • You earn her respect when you
    respect her family.

If you plan on marrying a Nigerian lady then you will need to respect the members of her family, especially her parents. The different tribes of Nigeria have their own way of displaying respect. For instance, in the South West, the Yoruba men respect their elders by
prostrating on the floor while the men from Northern Nigeria squat before older people.

  • A good number of Nigerian women
    are literates.

While I may not want to exaggerate, the truth remains that more Nigerian women are becoming highly educated. This is evident in the fact that more Nigerian women are taking leadership and professional positions in sectors of the country. Due to the fact that Nigeria was a former British colony, the official language is English which a good number of the women are fluent in.

  • Most Nigerian women date for the
    sake of marriage.

Lastly, the average Nigerian lady gets into the dating game with the objective of marriage. Hence, don’t be surprised when she dumps you after several months or years of dating without you showing any signs of marrying her. Again, don’t get me wrong though; there
will be definitely some of the ladies who are just dating for other reasons, probably for the sake of dating. Whichever the case, make sure that you factor in this point before scheduling the second date.

  • Conclusion

While this may only be a guide, it has a lot of factual information. Dating a Nigerian woman does not need to be stressful, but when you ’t understand what you are getting into, it can be disastrous. Hence, going through the
points in this post will point you in the right direction if you want to go on a date or are planning on marrying a Nigerian lady…







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