On the Conferment of Sadaukin Shinkafi to Femi Fani Kayode – Umar Babangida

INFOMEDIA – Since after the news which sprang up no fewer than fortnight on the  conferment of Sadaukin Shinkafi to former Minister for Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode; this news seems to be nebulous  until  when Zamfara state’s Gov confirmed it and published on  different newspapers including Daily Trust. This news becomes disquieting as how dare one think that Shinkafi Emirate will confer the title of Sadaukin Shinkafi to former Minister for Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode.

This makes many people utter different views in regards to the conferment of the title to the Femi Fani Kayode, who has been popularly known as pro-igbo but to be given the title of Sadaukin Shinkafi from the emirate which was established by the Sheikh Usman Bin Fodiyo, an Islamic crusader in Nigeria and by extension in Africa. He was a person that spread the word of Islam and defeated several Emirates during  Jahiliyya and established Islamic Emirates after he conquered those who refused to accept the word of Islam, which include but not limited to: Sokoto, Gwandu, Zamfara, Zatsina, Zazzau, Kano  Bauchi.

Femi Fani Kayode whose posts on social media has been gnawing to many of Northerners over incessant hate speech about the North and his ignominy and contemptuous even to the late Khalifa, Sheikh Usman Bin Fodiyo. Many people therefore have been snivelling about the conferment of this great title to the sworn enemy of our people, culture, religion and even to our forefathers in the North.

This has caused a quite stir, because how a bigot deserves to be conferred with Sultanate Chieftaincy? As bigot and extreme dissident like him deserves nothing but much less a curse. And what contribution has he given to the Northern region far unless than malign, and superfluous derision to our people and religion unceasingly?.

Thus, many of his malodorous posts attracted the insubordination to the Emir of Shinkafi, Alhaji Muhammad Maikwashe by the different people in his Emirates and even to those with traditional titles, called what he insists not to burge an inch on a contrivances to the law of giving a titled to anyone in the emirate, as title can be given only to the person who contributes towards the development of people in the region?

As a consequence to that, they resigned and gave a twenty-four hours to the emir to swiftly revoke the Sadaukin shinkafi title to the former minister for aviation, femi fani kayode, and if he wants them to continue holding their titles he must revoke that title of Kayode. Some of those that resigned includes Hon. Bilyaminu Yusuf Sardaunan Shinkafi, Alhaji Umar Bala Ajiya as Dan m

Majen Shinkafi and Hajiya hadiza Abdul’aziz Abubakar Yar as Iyar shinkafi.

People who are following the posts of Femi Fani Kayode will give testimony to his ignominious posts on the people in North about how he is attacking their identity with an extreme hate speech which can incite the endless conflict in the country, looking back to the genocide that took place in  Rwanda, its good instance for us to discern that hate speech is a great instrumentalality that could incite and lead to the genocide, killing of an innocent lives just like how it occurred  with the two tribes both Hutu and Tutsi.

It will be vividly remember on how Femi Fani  Kayode becomes infamous or one can simply says that since the inception of Nigeria there is no one that aggravated and went deeply in propagating hate speech about the Northerners than him, for those who are following him on his social media  handles will concur and testify on this. Thus, to reminisce about how he has been brazenly maligning Northerners, covertly is something that can bring about an endless conflict in any country.

He, femi fani kayode once called Northerners and claimed that he never eat meat cows again where he ignorantly and in deep enmity to Northerners said that “I stopped eating meat cow when I learnt that the headers have sex with cows before they are sold and slaughtered for their meat” and it comes to the fore that he once said that “miyetti Allah has withdrawn an earlier apology for slaughtering the people of Benue State, and they’re now claiming that Benue State is their ancestral land. They forgot that their father Usman danfodio was killed in the battle whilst trying to conquer the tribe of Benue state and steal their land” he doesn’t have even a paucity of respect to the most revered and respectful scholar not only in Nigeria but in Africa by extension.

Many people remain sanguines and firmly optimistic that this conferment of hero of Shinkafi will make him understand what he had been in comatose with for a long while, their foresight seems to be right as he, Sadaukin shinkafi today posted on his timeline reiterated in a long write up that he said earlier “I love the people of the core north as much as I love the people of south east, south south, south west and middle belt.

Contrary to the expectation of many Sokoto is actually a very peaceful and beautiful ancient town and all those I met there treated me with love and respect”.

No one would have ever dreamt that a honch in an enmity to Northerners will say a nice and love words to them. Henceforth, we are hoping a good relationship which will unite the entire people of this country regardless of what they had been brainwashed by tribe, religious culture and race to be United only for the purpose of being humans and for the sake of humanity.

Umar Babangida,
[email protected]
writes from Faculty of Communication, Bayero University, Kano.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of INFOMEDIA


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