The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced the arrival of approximately 1.2 million pilgrims from around the world, marking a significant milestone for this year’s Hajj season. Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, confirmed during a press conference held on Friday in Riyadh that all stages of the pilgrims’ journey have proceeded smoothly and that the pilgrims are in excellent health.

Al-Rabiah highlighted Saudi Arabia’s longstanding commitment to serving the guests of God since its establishment, emphasizing the nation’s dedication to facilitating the arrival and stay of pilgrims at the Two Holy Mosques and holy sites. This commitment ensures that pilgrims can perform their rituals with ease, reassurance, and receive the highest levels of care and attention.

The Minister stressed the importance of adhering to regulations and instructions issued by the authorities to maintain order and ensure comprehensive services for all pilgrims. “We urge all pilgrims to cooperate fully with the guidelines provided to ensure a smooth and spiritually fulfilling experience,” Al-Rabiah said.

In addition to logistical support, the Ministry has launched an international campaign aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of violating Hajj regulations, fake campaigns, and electronic fraud practices. This extensive campaign spans more than 20 countries globally and seeks to educate potential pilgrims about the importance of registering through official channels.

“We have taken measures to select companies specialized in hospitality with distinguished expertise and strong financial capabilities to provide top-notch services to our pilgrims,” Al-Rabiah explained. “In the past, pilgrims from Europe, America, and countries without organized Hajj delegations faced issues with services arranged through tourism offices in their respective countries. These issues often affected their experiences, the prices, and the quality of services provided.”

Al-Rabiah also noted that some pilgrims became victims of fraudulent practices. To combat this, since 1443 AH, the Ministry has streamlined the application process for pilgrims from these regions. The process now involves submitting applications electronically, directly through official platforms, without resorting to middlemen or tourism offices. This ensures that pilgrims receive the services they have paid for and that their journey is hassle-free. The system, initially implemented for Europe and America, has since expanded from covering 67 countries to 126 countries.

To further enhance the pilgrimage experience, the Ministry has undertaken extensive training programs for those involved in the Hajj operations. Over 120,000 workers and leaders of pilgrim groups have received training in the past months. This extensive training program included more than 2,500 workshops conducted in multiple languages both within the Kingdom and at 10 international locations. Al-Rabiah emphasized that Saudi Arabia has mobilized all necessary resources to ensure the success of Hajj 1445 AH, leaving no stone unturned.

Al-Rabiah expressed his gratitude to the wise leadership of Saudi Arabia for their continuous support and dedication to improving the Hajj experience. He also commended the collaborative efforts of various government agencies, private sector partners, and international organizations in making this year’s Hajj a success.

In closing, Al-Rabiah reiterated the Ministry’s commitment to serving the pilgrims with utmost dedication and ensuring their safety and well-being throughout their stay. “We are here to serve the guests of Allah and make their spiritual journey as comfortable and memorable as possible. We ask all pilgrims to adhere to the guidelines and cooperate with the authorities to achieve a successful Hajj,” he concluded.

The Ministry’s proactive measures and extensive preparations reflect Saudi Arabia’s dedication to facilitating a smooth and spiritually enriching pilgrimage for all who undertake this sacred journey.


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