Shinkafi Emirate Hates Self, too

By Abdulyassar Abdulhamid

INFOMEDIA – “Our lives being to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Until recently, I had thought that the most primitive nature of self-abnegation begins and ends with a former northern traditional ruler, who thought, however erroneously, that the easiest way to endear himself to a particular section of the country, The West, too, is to hate the people he so much wanted to lead.

The “one-in-a-century” former emir has continued to treat his culture and people with levity. He has demonstrated this once and again through his words and actions.

The status quo has been ruthlessly disrupted overnight by a singular action of the Emirate of Shinkafi through one bold but dangerous step.

However, this is not the right time or place to discuss narcissism or ego-tripping(ness), since the Emirate of Shinkafi has succeeded in driving the final nail on the coffin of self-loathing. What an emirate! Isn’t its action proving more lethal?

Oftentimes people and institution annihilate self out of their wanton desire to become relevant. Shinkafi’s case is a classical example of it. Those who cannot learn from history are bound to repeat it, so says the wise saying.

It tortures me in no small measure that the northern traditional institution, for instance, has refused to learn any lesson. Keen observers that mean well for the region and the once-powerful-emirs-but-now- mere-figureheads had thought that the military incursion into politics in 1966 and which by 1979, when it took a bow, had succeeded in effecting the major socio-political changes with regards to the position of traditional rulers in the polity would be a game changer.

The emirs would have understood that they have their primary responsibility in serving their people and commitment to scholarship, justice, and fairness. This would have earned them greater respect.

By conferring the honorific title of Sadaukin Shinkafi (“the sacker of cities” or “the protector of the land and the garden”) on the former Minister of Aviation, the infamous Femi Fani-Kayode, the Emirate of Shinkafi has traveled far on its path to self-destruction.

The emirate, probably the state government, has now given us the reasons why those who have taken a life-long carrier in warmongering and hating the Muslim north and the ideals the founding fathers of the region had worked tirelessly to entrench have refused to let go.

After decades of insults, smear campaigns, inciting and hate-filled remarks against the Muslim north, what it stands for, its ancestors and above all the religion of Islam, the bigot is being handsomely rewarded by an emirate that traces its origin to the Sokoto Caliphate. What a self-undoing behavior!

One still wonders where is the dignity, the honor, that premium the ideals Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio’s preaching places on morality and human feelings.  The Emirate of Shinkafi has thrown away all these.

I was not less surprised when the emirate said the reason for the conferment of the traditional title on its newly found friend was on the basis of development, which, it also said, FFK is so committed to.

I beg to disagree with the emirate on this issue. Thanks to Tijjani Salihu Shinkafi, the former Uban Marayun Mai Martaba Sarkin Gabas Shinkafi, who has resigned his post in an apparent protest against the appointment of amoral FFK by the emirate and asked traditional title holders of the emirate to toe the path of honor until the appointment is withdrawn.

This was immediately followed by a resignation later tendered by the Saudana Shinkafi, Hon. Bilyaminu Yusuf, the Dan Majen Shinkafi, Alh. Umar Bala Ajiya, and the Iyar Shinkafi, Hajiya Hadiza Abdulaziz Abubakar Yari. They, too, couldn’t stand the insult.

They know the implication of dining with the devil. By saying that it has conferred the covetous title of “Sadauki” on Femi Fani-Kayode for his commitment to the development of the emirate, the emirate is advertizing its ignorance of the obnoxious record of this war-monger, which in the first place, questions its ability and integrity. Why do I say this?

It is on record that what had made the Sokoto Caliphate, to which the Emirate of Shinkafi says it owes allegiance, distinct and favoured its success were the commitment of its leaders to justice, ensured by the law and by economic, social, educational and cultural development promoted by responsible public institutions. So wrote Dr Yusuf Bala Usman in his Sokoto Caliphate and Nation Building.

FFK has for long, out of partly genuine ignorance and partly malice, embarked on deliberate campaigns to distort facts in order to paint the Muslim north black and set any region, culture or tribe other than it against it. Hasn’t he called Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio a violent and bloodthirsty jihadist?

If the emirate is in the know that most of the ethno-religious and genocides in this country, especially in the north central and some parts of Adamawa and Taraba states have a direct conduit to the unrelenting inciting statements by the likes of FFK and still conferred the title on him, then we cannot help questioning its sincerity.

That is why, perhaps, an aide to the governor followed up with a damage control to douse the tension being generated in the aftermath of the ill-conceived exercise, which further ridicules the emirate and the government.

The truth is that no society with a moral compass, on the planet earth, will confer even Wawan Sarki, court jester on an unscrupulously arrogant bigot like FFK,let alone Sadaukin Shinkafi. Those familiar with distinction between right and wrong know this well. Besides, isn’t there anyone in the whole south more worthy of the title?

Perhaps by development the emirate means a process of evolution which has led to a “new normal” of celebrating an inveterate enemy at the expense of friends, or better striping the emirate of its hard-earned image.

Maybe the emirate is doing the bidding of the Zamfara State Government, which was out completely to even with the immediate past governor of the state, whom Femi Fani-Kayode recently called all sorts of names, not less animal. Anyway, the incumbent was seen on Monday gallantly taken the “pious” FFK around the state.

Either of three ways, the emirate as well as those backing or manipulating it is on the path of self-destruction. By the way, politicians and traditional rulers in this part of the country have a natural inclination to do as they wish with total disregard to the aspirations and sensibilities of their people. This action alone is enough to test the patience of a saint.

Ultimately, I have heard that the emirate has bowed to pressure. It is timely at least to save its falling image and stall the looming protest the Shinkafi Concerned Citizens was considering as the last resort.

Abdulhamid wrote via [email protected]

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