It baffles me to hear students saying their mission into university is to study for degree and not participating in extracurricular activities thereby neglecting the importance of sport in one’s life. From the general perspective of physicians, participating in sport and other physical activities have many benefits and its importance can never be overemphasized.

Sport help student in character building, maintains energy and strength which improve the blood circulation and build up the physical abilities such as power and stamina. Sport also helps in internalising the system, improves the mental sharpness and prevents one from getting any physical trauma.

A colleague once said that during her first year in school, she never wanted to engage herself in any sport activities but do visit the clinic ones in a every week for one sickness or the other. Surprisingly for her, when she began to engage in sports activities during her second year, she do not fall sick anymore.

More so, after engaging in a sport you have passion for, you feel lots more relaxed since you know the sport well.

This increases your satisfaction and if really good at it, your chances of winning the game are higher and eventually boost your ego. So, what else does a man requires other than winning in life!

According to coach Ibrahim (Athletics coach of Bayero University, Kano), sports is essential in the life of students because when you engage in sports activities especially in University, it provides multiple opportunities like meeting many people from different places during the course of study and after graduation and it is also money. “Though, attaining degree is the primary assignment of every students but not the ultimate”.

Therefore, one can say that engaging in sport help in character building, self-discipline, increase the ability to plan things, create strategies and develop a sense of friendliness, team spirit and confidence which are lot more important in living a good life. And most essentially, it serves as career opportunity after graduating from university.

Rahaman Adeiza Kabiru
Masscommunication student Buk

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