On June 2nd and 3rd, terrorists invaded communities of Maru and Mafara killing over 70 Citizens.

The military trailed the marauding terrorists in airstrikes, killing and wounding scores. Dogo Gide, one of the most notorious terrorist leaders, is also reported to have been wounded during the military raid.

During these operations, three groups from different hideouts suffered great casualties, according to local sources who assessed the situation. The most notable is Dogo Gide, a terrorist with known ties to ANSARU elements in the region.

Gide is also at war with many armed groups in the Northwest, who refused to embrace the fragile peace process initiated by some state governors in the region.

According to sources, “Gide’s emergence in the area where the military carried raids is unusual and worrying.

“It might be as a result of the truce by armed groups to come together fight the military under a single army” as HumAngle reported exclusively last month after armed groups met in Zamfara and agreed to keep their differences aside and resist the people and the military.

However, sources indicate that Gide, who suffered significant casualties and is now battling with his injuries alongside two other commanders in Dandalla in Zamfara.

According to a competent source with good knowledge of the operations of the bandits’ cum terrorists, the same villagers that often talk victims of these armed groups are helping the wounded find treatment.

These strikes were conducted in the hideouts of Criminals in Dandallah, Bingi and Yan-Bana around Kuyanbana, said a military source, who added that these Forest areas remain dense and dark, hosting different groups.

In a statement by Major General John Eneche: “In continuation of airstrikes being conducted under Operation ACCORD, the Air Component of Operation HADARIN DAJI has destroyed an armed bandits’ camp at Kwayanbana Forest in Zamfara State.

“The feat was achieved on June 7 after Human Intelligence reports and series of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions established that a group of makeshift structures hidden under the dense forest vegetation as well as the caves in the surrounding high grounds serves as a hideout for the armed bandits and their notorious kingpin, Dogo Gede.”

“Consequently, the Air Component dispatched a force package of attack aircraft and helicopter gunships to engage the location, leading to the destruction of the makeshift structures as well as the neutralization of several of the armed bandits,” Enenche said.

The military’s statement failed to give specific details on the status of Dogo Gide as a result of the air raid they conducted.

It is also not clear as at press time if Gide has in his midst ANSARU elements that are linked with Al-Qaeda.


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