The Good And the Ugly  Sides of Journalism Practice In Nigeria

By Mahmud Garba Shawai

INFOMEDIA – I felt paralyzed when I thought of putting this piece down due to the selfish nature of humans and also our artificial nature of going against the truth deliberately, whenever a pebble of truth strikes us. But, I deemed it necessary to voice out whenever such need arise.

Journalism contributed positively and otherwise in the contemporary world we are today. Nigeria is not an exception among the countries that benefited from the good practices of journalism and also suffered and still suffering from its opposites.

Firstly, we need to revisit the true definition of the word journalism.

Journalism is unbiased production and distribution of reports on current or past events based on facts and supported with proofs or evidences. The word journalism applies to the occupation, as well as citizen journalists who gather and publish unbiased information based on facts and supported with proofs or evidences.


It is obvious that journalism played a significant role towards the growth and development of this country.

Undoubtedly, the development brought by journalism encompasses almost all aspects of our social lives.
Thousands of oppressed individuals that were detained illegally has gotten their liberty through the influence of journalism. In Nigeria, numerous politicians were kicked out of office due to some of their perpetrated acts which were exposed through broadcast, print and new media.
In short, media industry in Nigeria serves as a solace to the average Nigerian folks. They are the voice of the voiceless, the nexus between the masses and the elites and also an oasis in the eyes of the less privileged individuals.

Lucidly, the power of journalism force and reenforce leaders to do the right things that they have less concern on, at the same time it deprives negative people from perpetrating evil acts in the public domain. A lot of solicitations and complains have been carrying out through various programs mostly radio, media helps in lifting a reasonable number of people from hardships which includes:

1. Hospital charges
2. School registration fees
3. Food stuffs
4. Employment opportunities
5. Sexual assault
6. Chauvinism injustice
7. Infrastructural development
8. Oppression
9. Social Insecurity
10. Domestic violence and many more.

Without an iota of regret we certainly need to applaud, appreciate and continue to support journalism in Nigeria, because it’s the only shade that remains for an average citizen to enjoy.

As I asserted, journalism is playing a significant role in the growth and development of this nation. Likewise, there are unnumbered damages and internal selfishness within the domain of journalists.

Media houses today, became the coaches of many perpetrated immoralities by repeatedly broadcasting a certain evil act. The more dirty minded folks are listening to such negative practices methodologies used by other serial perpetrators the better they become expert in that aspect by integrating their previous knowledge and present one gotten from the media, this makes series of immoral attitudes to be escalating instead of diminishing.

Today, journalism in Nigeria has become a license for dancing all tunes of immorality without fair or regret because no one is going to criticise or report the indecencies, actions or bad attitudes of journalists in the publicly domain.

It’s obvious, most of the programs aired or reported by the mass media that do criticise and unveil the negativities of politicians, business tycoons, influential traditional holders and high level government officials are mostly supported by personal and selfish interest of either the presenters of the programs or their bosses within the media domain.

Corruption is the foremost element that media persons claim to be exposing continuously, but unfortunately, it’s incredible to know that corruption has taken over the integrity of most media houses, though only members within the arena and their associates can understand this.

1. Promotions and appointments are not always been done base on deservedness, credibility, merit and hardworking but rather, base on personal relationship with the principals.

2. The most important and interested stories are the ones supported with brown envelopes not the messages contain in them.

3. Some media houses principals engage in close relationship with some ladies for a reason best known to them (media principals).

4. Nepotism and chauvinism in numerous media houses encourages recruiting unprofessional journalits which lead to causing so many damages and scandalous things in the filing of a simple report be it in vernacular or in official language (english)

5. Head of political desk in most of the media houses are always loyal to the principals. Their salaries are not much but they wear expensive clothes, wristwatches and caps, they drive expensive cars and operate latest smartphones. In short they run a luxury lives. Where are they getting the money from? “Benefit of brown envelopes”


We should not criticize and publicize other people’s faults and cover ours just because we have an advantage of doing so.

All of us should be much more humble and contrite when we point the finger at somebody else, because four more fingers are pointing back at us.

Let’s know that the more a dog barks the much concerns and attention shall be given to it. So, the more you exposes someone’s deficiencies the better people will analyze your social life.

This write up has not been done with the intention to attack or insult any personal entity or group of people.

The writer can be reached via: [email protected]

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of INFOMEDIA


  1. It quenches the enthusiasm of any enthusiast, curious and patriotic countryman to read an a piece of writing as such, a writing that’s full of enthusiasm and zeal bring good, with the little one might have in one’s capacity, for the betterment of this country. I enjoyed every bit of information you penned down sir. However, I would like to draw your attention on a thing or two.
    1. Although readers could get the exact points you tried to outline, but it’s better if you make your points as clear and comprehensible as possible so as to avoid subjective and most often misunderstanding reading of your text.
    2. They said two heads are better than one, editing and reviewing of one’s work is a very beneficial way of improving one’s writing, I suggest sir, that you find people that you deem able-bodied to help you get your work better.
    Thank you.


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