Muhammad Lere author from Premium Times Suggest that Not quite visible on social media like their counterparts in Nollywood, Kannywood actors
and actresses have in the last year increased their presence on social media.

In a review of their online presence, PREMIUM TIMES found that Instagram is the platform of choice for many of the artiste where they post pictures about their events and new movies.


1 – Hadiza Gabon @adizatou
At the top of Instagram is Hadiza Gabon
@adizatou who has about 180,000 followers. Hadiza Gabon is talented actress who features mostly in comedy and action / drama films. One of her popular roles was in the crime series film ‘Basaja’ where she played an undercover agent. Hadiza was also the lead actress in the hilarious Kannywood movie ‘Indon Kauye’.

2 – Rahama Sadau @rahamasadau
The elegant Rahama Sadau @rahamasadau is the second most followed actress on Instagram.
With 172,000 followers, she is closely behind Hadiza. Some of her great movies are Halacci, Mai Farin jinni, and Ana Wata Ga wata.

3 – Ali Nuhu @realalinuhu
Although he is arguably the most active actor in Kannywood on twitter and facebook; on Instagram, Ali Nuhu occupies the third position with about 148,000 followers. A producer, actor and director, Ali is highly respected in Kannywood. He is popularly called
‘Sarki’ meaning, ‘the King’.

4 – Maryam Booth @officialmaryambooth Maryam has more followers on Instagram than
arguably more well known Kannywood
actresses like Nafeesat Abdullahi, Aisha
Tsamiya, and Halima Atete. She has about 140,000 followers.

5 – Nafeesat Abdullahi @Nafeesat_official
Nafeesat Abdullahi is rated among the best Kannywood actresses. The movie ‘Dan Marayan Zaki’ is one of her
most outstanding. She has over 130,000 followers on Instagram.

6 – Fati Washa @washafati
Fati Washa featured in prominent movies like Gidan Kitso and ZeeZee.
She has over 128,000 Instagram followers. Other actors whose presence was noted on Instagram are Adam Zango @adam_a_zango with 107,000 followers and Halima Atete with 103,000 followers.


Ali Nuhu is the only Kannywood celebrity to have been verified by twitter.
Rahama Sadau leads the female actresses on twitter with over 44 ,000 followers while Nafeesat Abdullahi has a followership of over
39,000. Adam Zango (@PrinceZango) has over 18,000 followers while Sadiq Sani Sadiq has about 17,000.


Apart from Ali Nuhu who is very active on facebook, other Kannywood celebrities hardly use the platform although many accounts exist
in their names.

” Although the facebook is a great social media platform, there are accounts that bear our names that do not belong to us,” an actor Nuhu Abdullahi told PREMIUM TIMES. “So many of us do not give attention to Facebook because of that. We love and enjoy Instagram. It is simple, picture post and very interactive.”

Abdullahi said many of them also want to be verified by twitter and are thus using the platform more.

It is hoped that the actors will improve on their presence on the social media so as to compete with other famous celebrities who are rocking the platforms.


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