Societal Development has to do with having adequate social amenities like good roads, having good health care centers and many other infrastructures. Societal development is also about improving the wellbeing of every individual in the society. Some scholars have rated the growth of countries where some countries are developed like America and Russia, some are developing while some are under developed. Nigeria is a developing country, with large Cities like Kano state with forty four (44) local governments.

Some Kano residents in the last few years from (2014-2022) have made some efforts of doing voluntary works that would move their communities forward and for  the people of the community to live a better life. A group of Individuals in some areas in Kano state have done several projects of building drainages, providing lights on the streets and providing water in areas where there is scarcity of water.

These people did not wait for the government to solve all their Societal problems, these people from Yakasai, Hotoro, Soron Dinki, Tudun Yola and Gadon Kaya have made their societies better through voluntarily contributing to their societies.

Security lights in an interior part of Tudun Yola.

The people from the mentioned communities have expressed their happiness and gratitude for the kind gesture from their fellow community members. A resident from Yakasai Alhaji Kabir Ibramhim said “In this interior part of our neighborhood, we have experienced several changes because too much mosquitoes, reckless waste disposal, smelling gutters and flooding has now become history”.

 One of the reasons for doing such works is to make the society better, One of the residents of Yakasai  Abi Zarril Gifary Yakasai who was one of the people who did the works Said “ We thought among ourselves on how to make our community better, we are not supposed to fold our arms and wait for the government to do everything for us, these projects were started successfully and finished successfully”.

Another project was done at Soron Dinki where they interlocked the interior part of the district, they installed lights and provided drainages to avoid flooding. One of the residents said “Before these renovation, even bicycles could not pass through the interior part of this neighborhood, you would see gutters and refuse everywhere, but now everything has changed and everywhere is clean”.

People from Hotoro Tishama (warawa local government) government were faced with inadequate water supply, so some people contributed and provided water tanks where people from the community come to get water. Abubakar Umar said “ before the provision of water sources (taps) in the community, there was lack of water in the community, people had to be buying water for domestic use, we looked for help and the people from the community contributed and now we have water”.

Water tank in Hotoro

Insecurity is one of the major problems in Nigeria, to ensure there is security, Another group of people who want anonymity installed Solar security lights in some areas like Tudun Yola (under Gwale local government), Gadon kaya (Gwale) and Gandun Albasa (Kano munincipal) where one can pass by anytime of the day because of the brightness.

The commissioner of environments Kano State, Dr: Kabir Ibrahim Getso aid in an interview with Freedom Radio that any group of people who want to to do such projects should inform the government first.

Mallam Khalifa Ibrahim Osama who is an Islamic scholar said about the importance of voluntary works, that Allah (SWT) has promised to reward anyone who has done any voluntary work (sadaqa) with sincerity continuously even after his death, Engaging yourself in helping the society is one of the most rewarding actions and it pays, so in any society provide the basic amenities depending on your capacity and ability.

Development of societies occur only in fields where the collective will is sufficiently strong, Cooperation is one of the ways to achieve development and the desired change every society dream of. It is good to continue solving our societal problems by ourselves without waiting for government interventions, there are several contributions one can contribute in order to make the society better, and to make life easier for everyone in the society. “Together, we can make our society better”.

Mariya Kabir Suleiman

Student of Bayero University Kano


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