By As-sayyidul Arafat Abdulrazaq

At the end of every year, people have it as tradition and morally accepted to recount what they had personally set to achieve as a goals from the beginning of the year. This assessment is necessary for personal development. Beside self appraisement, people were also assessing anything that has a direct effect to their lives. And this includes fiscal year policies of the country and political promises. As 2019 draws to an end, has President Muhammad Buhari able to achieve all the campaign promises including the war against corruption?

The so called war against corruption, social vices are fast becoming an attitude in our society. Corruption remains an endemic issue in Nigeria resulted in dissuading Public trust in government and causing a lot economic hardship to Nigerians.

Matthew T. Page who identified 500 different types of corruption in our country develop a taxonomy of corruption in Nigeria. Describe the country as one of the world’s most complex corruption environment. In his article title ‘A New Taxonomy for Corruption in Nigeria’ he said “corruption is the single greatest obstacle preventing Nigeria from achieving it’s enormous potential.
The price water house coopers further explain that corruption could cost Nigeria up to 37% of GDP by 2030, or around $1,000 per person, if not addressed immediately.

To what cause do we owe all this indignity? We are the giant of Africa and we should set example for other African countries including financial viability, mega reforms in educational sector etc, but it is disappointing that Nigeria is ranked Number 28 among most corrupt countries in Africa and 144 in the world alongside with muritania and Kenya.

Promising to fight corruption in 2015 irrespective of whose ox is gored, is the main reason why Nigerians voted for president Muhammadu Buhari into power. But is he doing the necessary or the fight against corruption is selective and mostly dwell when it comes to opposition? This is so, because we had witnessed a case of Governor Ganduje of Kano state and other cases that were abandoned out of mercy to the party affiliation.

Corruption has eaten deep in our country, and it is not too late Your Excellency to deploy natioanal ethics of discipline, integrity and the full weight of legal machinery to fight corruption in Nigeria. Sir, You are the only Santa that can help us conquer the monster called corruption. If it is eradicated the standard of living you promised Nigerian can be achieved.
Merry Christmas and Happy New year in advance.
As-sayyidul Arafat Abdulrazaq is a Student, Department of Information and Media Studies, Bayero University, Kano and be reach at: [email protected]



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