Although he is 50 years old but whoever that sees him would think he is older than that.

With his legs swollen and in pains, Mr Clement Eromosele, lay weak, tired and looking worried on his hospital bed at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Abeokuta Ogun State, where doctors are working to stabilise his health last Tuesday.

Few days earlier, FMC had placed him on dialysis machine to clean his system. The father of five children said he had spent all his life saving and even sold properties in his determination to get solution for a condition doctors have diagnosed as kidney problem

From his hospital bed, Eromosele told The Nation that over a year ago, he began to notice that the vigour with which he did his security job were deserting him.

“For every little effort exerted, makes me tired and weaker,” he said.

Initially, he thought it was a minor health issue and had treated it accordingly but his situation did not change.

He became a regular visitor to different hospitals in bids to find solution to his health challenge until he finally got to the FMC where specialist advised that he should go for a kidney transplant in order to live.

He said with his saving all gone into buying drugs, undergoing series of tests and relatives having done their best to assist, he would be unable to afford the treatment and drugs required which were estimated to cost about N15 million.

Eromosele is appealing to kind – hearted Nigerians, philanthropic organizations and others to help him, and not allow the health challenge to cut short his lifespan now.

“I want to live, work and support my family. Nigerians should help me to recover. I have spent all my savings and even borrowed from people to treat this problem. The way the doctors talking, I will need millions of naira for kidney transplant in Nigeria. Kind hearted Nigerians should come to my help and not let me die,” he pleaded.

According to him, no amount of assistance rendered to him to regain his strength would be treated as small. He can be reached through 08033443319, 08126378123 and First Bank A/C: 3011779716.


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