Pakistan Election Results 2018 updates: 5 parties allege poll rigging as PTI emerges in lead; Imran Khan’s party says open to

Unprecedented delay in declaration of results, say journalists.

The Guardian quoted: several journalists, who had covered elections in Pakistan over a number of years, as saying that the delay in declarations of results was unprecedented.

“I’ve been covering elections for over twenty-five years and this is the first time that it is one in the morning and until now we barely have 20 percent of the results. Why are the results so late? The election commission has to answer for this. This is really alarming,” Geo
News’ Hamid Mir said.

It is instructive to note here that all major political parties, arguably for the first time in Pakistan’s history, have alleged some or the other form of electoral malpractices and claimed that the polls were rigged. The only exception to this remains Imran Khan-led PTI which has emerged as the single-largest party in trends, after getting just 35 seats in 2013 polls.


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