It is not a topic of argument that trees provide many benefits to the human existence. As trees grow, they help absorb and sink the carbon that will otherwise contribute to global heating which is why the more the trees the better the serenity provided by the environment. Tree planting has become the foundation of many environmental campaigns in recent years. They can help in numerous ways like preventing flooding, reducing temperature and harsh weathers; as well as keeping the soil rich of nutrients. According to Helen Lock, “trees are ultimate carbon storage machines. Like all plants, they take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for their growth and energy and produce oxygen which we breathe as byproduct of the process.” It is proposed that one large tree can provide supply of a day’s oxygen for four people so readers can imagine how much contribution trees in Bayero University Campus are making.

Dr Aisha Muhammad Aliyu, an environmentalist in the Campus said “people only look at the significance of trees from one perspective which is why it isn’t difficult for them to cut them down. These trees you see around, even us the beneficiaries cannot quantify all of its uses but people from within and outside the campus underestimate the benefit. The air you and I are breathing are better purified when there are trees around. That means we are healthier around nature; around trees because they take in the carbons and harmful toxins in the air and in return give us oxygen which is why a place with trees cannot be compared with a place with none when it comes to serenity. Imagine if you had to give money for the air you breathe, maybe then you’ll give value to these trees. In some countries, cutting down a tree is a crime and I wish such will be implemented in this country because this is how we will take care and nurture our environment. We should remember that everything we do to our environment will directly affect us so it is important that we take care of it instead of destroying it and reducing its capacity” she said

She added that trees also regulate temperature where she further explained that trees reduce the intensity of heat radiating from the sun. Supplementary, she explained that trees has helped in numerous ways in the campus like reducing the impact of flooding, erosion, serving as wind breaks and beautification all around the campus. She further advised the school authority to include planting and taking care of trees as part of school activities conducted in the university.

In an interview made with Alhassan Garba a farmer alongside the faculty of law in the campus, he explained “trees in the campus help in the aspect of carrying out my farming activities these trees not only regulate temperature or reduce the impact of harsh wind but having trees close to my farm has increased the soil fertility in my farm by far compared to my other farms in other locations.

Another farmer in the campus named Muhammad Salisu said “aside provision of shade by these trees, the tree in my farmland is a fruit bearing tree and I sell the fruits for additional income. Sometimes ago herbal doctors use to come and take extracts from the trees to use as medicines.

Also, a cow rearer in the area said “I find it convenient to rear my cows in the outer part of the campus because the trees here provide shelter for my cows and lessen the exposure of certain illnesses caused by harsh weather.”

Fatima Sani a level 300 student in the campus said “well I own a car and every time I come to school with my car I am always looking out for a shade to park it, the provision of trees in this spot (Ramat hall) has helped me a lot in that aspect and some of the times I don’t even park my car in my faculty, instead I bring it here and trek to my faculty. The school is specifically cooler in areas where there are trees and some students like me like going to such areas to read because of the comfort provided by the trees. I also want to call on the school authority to provide more trees for us especially in my faculty (Faculty of earth and environmental science) so I don’t have to park my car here”

Lukman Jibril also a level 300 student in BUK old site “I will give a million naira for the shade I get whenever I am under any of the trees in the campus. I get so excited at times if I am coming to the campus from somewhere else because the atmosphere changes at the entrance especially during heat period. Immediately I enter the campus, my system will calm down. The air is even better than Air Conditioner because it is natural.” He said

Aisha Kabir also an economics student “I love the trees especially because of the beauty and aestheticism it gives to the environment. I snap better pictures when there are trees around because they just radiate beauty and a sense of wild life which I love.” She said

Emmanuel Adeshua a medical student “actually trees really help me focus during examination. It is more convenient to brain storm in group readings when one is under the tree because it radiates a natural and sweet atmosphere which in return makes us more comfortable. My friends and I go to new site from old site most of the times to just sit in front of the library where trees are to read. Because of the nature of our course, we really look out for a comfortable reading area that wouldn’t get us tires too soon.” He said

Zakari Ibrahim a gardener and student in the faculty of education said “well some of these trees have been around for hundreds of years so to tell you the benefits they have given to the environment is almost impossible because only God knows that. But as a beneficiary all I can say is God is great and this is part of the great things He has done for his creation so we should be more thankful to him. Trees are essential in our environment and I also wish that the school include that in their curriculum.”

It is however clear that trees are essential to our life on the planet. We are therefore tasked as humans to play an active role in planting and caring for our survival and prosperity. There are many environmental benefits of planting trees as it not only help restore quality of lifes in the community and the world at large but also contribute to fighting climate change.

Therefore planting a tree is always a good idea.

Khadija musa Ibrahim
Department of mass communication
Bayero university Kano


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